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Questions and answers

- Is the "Amplifier" external antennas to connect to their phone?
No, this is wireless amplifier that creates a better radio signal indoors. You install an outdoor antenna, leading into the signal via a cable, amplifies the signal and transmits radio signals indoors via a small antenna. Our lågeffektsförstärkare offer up that means you get a signal indoors to be equivalent to the one you are outdoors.

- Are they difficult to install such equipment.
No. A normal handy person can handle this without problems. Can you mount a TV antenna, you can mount these antennas.

- Can HIPS help me to install a solution?
Yes, both HIPS and most of our dealers can help with this.

- Should I buy the UMTS (3G) or GSM (2G) amplifier?
We always recommend UMTS amplifier if possible. Check the signal strength OUTDOOR first. Follow the instructions under the menu option "Your signal strength".

- Am I good enough signal strength outside to install an amplifier
See 'Your signal strength ".

- Can these amplifiers disrupt cellular networks or cause problems for my neighbors?
If you follow our installation instructions to create these amplifiers is not interference, for example, neighbors, then the gain is so low.

- I have no signal strength inside my house. Will this work then?
Our cheapest amplifiers are suitable for small office or home. We can offer solutions for both small as well as very large rooms and buildings. Check the signal strength OUTDOOR first. Follow the instructions under the menu option "Your signal strength".

- I have an office of 750 sqm. What do I need for the solution then?
You need a solution with two or three indoor antennas. Generally one can say that an indoor antenna can handle between 300-500 sqm. Here one can easily see what needs you have:

Area of ​​a circle is the "radius * radius * 3.14" so in this way one can expect that the amplifier provides a good reinforcement of about 9-13 meters from the antenna. Then add up to four antennas per amp and you can cover up to 2000 sq m with a standard solution.

Mail a brief description and preferably a sketch of sales@hips.se, we will return with a proposal for an affordable solution.

- It says that the cable is 10 meters but I have a longer distance between outdoor and indoor unit?
You can upgrade your cables to the longer such. Up to 40 meters usually not be a problem. Do you need longer cables, please contact us so we can help you with a solution.

- What do I need to buy equipment for the webshop to get a complete solution? Do you have to buy both the antenna and amplifier?
During the "Amplifier", you will find complete solutions for GSM and UMTS. Those packages contain a complete solution with amplifiers, antennas and cabling. All you need is an antenna mount and some tape to isolate the contacts with.

- How do I pay?
You order at the website and pay via credit card or invoice. Delivery time is often just a few days but expect 1-2 weeks in case someone would be out of stock.

- How do you ship the goods?
We typically use DHL. When we send to companies that included delivery. Are there individuals that have the item most often downloaded from the nearest delivery point. In Europe, we also supply there via DHL 4-7 days delivery time or Express by 1-2 days.

- Do HIPS dealer?
Yes. We have dealers all over Europe and the Middle East. Contact HIPS and you will have contact with a local supplier.