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Conditions & Info


All prices are quoted in Swedish kronor or Euro ex or incl VAT. The current price is listed when you place your order. Price for shipping will be added at checkout.

No VAT is charged for customers outside Sweden but the buyer then has to present its national VAT-number. Payment done via credit card will automatically include Swedish VAT. For those customers that present a national VAT-number you have to contact HIPS and pay against an invoice that we will send to you.

You pay by invoice or credit card payment. Invoice payment terms are 14 days net. For new customers the goods are sent only after the bill is paid. After paid and registered invoice the goods are delivered.

Do not forget to enter the invoice number on payment.

We send the goods as soon as possible and often within 24 hours. In cases where we do not have items in stock, all products are bundled and shipped together to avoid duplicate shipping charges. If a product is out of stock it normally takes no more than 2-3 weeks before it is in stock. If you want two deliveries, we charge double shipping charges.

Damaged goods
If goods are damaged during shipment, immediately notify when you pick up your shipment. If you do not discover this until you get home, let us know by e-mail immediately.

If an item is damaged or lost when you send it back to us, you are an account executive.

We check all products before we send them, but should the goods be damaged or otherwise defective, or if you received the wrong product or the wrong number, please contact us immediately via email so that we can correct the error. We replace the defective goods, at no cost to you, as soon as possible. Always contact us if you wish to return an item. In case of disputes, we follow The National Board for recommendations.

Consumer purchases
When you shop as a private individual it is always consumer purchasing. According to the consumer, you have three year warranty. For the fault to be covered by the warranty, it must be original, i.e. it has existed in the product from the beginning. The consumer must prove that the error existed in the product from the beginning.

When you trade through a company or an entity using the name on the receipt, the Sale of Goods Act applies. Under this law, the buyer has a 2 year warranty.

Licensing of broadcasting equipment 
To get an improved radio coverage for GSM, 3G/UMTS and 4G/LTE usually means that a so-called repeater (amplifier) must be installed. 

Sales and use of radio transmitters in the EU / EFTA countries is permitted, but provided that they are CE and RoHS certified. In the EU, "Cassis de Dijon" principle, meaning that a product lawfully marketed in one EU country can freely sold in other countries. Sales, CE marking and the use of radio transmitters for telecommunications in the EU / EFTA countries is governed by "1999/5/EC". HIPS amplifier is ROHS and CE certified in accordance with 1999/5/EC. This CE certification means that the extensive testing performed to ensure that limits are not exceeded the current interference, radiation, and also that the amplifiers harmonize with the specifications required by 1999/5/EC. 

Links to some regulatory agencies that can answer questions and some of them also have application forms can be downloaded electronically:

  USA: www.fcc.gov 
UK: licensing.ofcom.org.uk
Sweden: www.pts.se
Denmark: en.itst.dk
Norway: www.npt.no
Finland: www.ficora.fi/sv/
Germany: www.bundesnetzagentur.de
Spain: www.cmt.es
France: www.arcep.fr