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Check your Signal strength

Some simple steps for better RF reception. 

Check the type of amplifier/repeater you need.
Go outdoors with your mobile phone. Change the setting on your phone from "dual mode" to "UMTS". Make a call and look at the signal indicator on your phone. Move around your property and read the indicator on your phone to find where you have the strongest signal. Change to "GSM" and repeat; Often better signal is achieved at higher altitudes (e.g. on the roof).

Compare the highest value attained and see in this table if your signal is good enough to be strengthened:

  • 1 Bar/20% approximately -102 to -120 dBm = can not be enhanced
  • 2 Bars/40% approximately -93 to -101 dBm = can possibly be enhanced
  • 3 Bars/60% approximately -87 to -92 dBm = will most likely be enhanced
  • 4 Bars/80% approximately -78 to -86 dBm = can be enhanced
  • 5 Bars/100% approximately -40 to -77 dBm = can be enhanced 

We always recommend using UMTS, even if this signal is weaker than GSM.

In Android bades smartphones you can find the actual recieved signal srength under 
Settings + About + Status + Signalstrength. Dependant of manufactorer of smartphone it can bi different paths to find this information. There are also a number of Android Apps that can provide this kind of information.

Iphone tip (iOS 4.1 or higher)

NOTE: We are providing this information as-is; we cannot be held responsible if anything you do in this field mode damages your phone or the phone network.

Dial *3001#12345#* and hit Call, this to get access to the special field test mode of the iPhone. 

The information in the upper left corner of the phone is of our interest. The signal bars will be replaced with a number (e.g. -73), to the right of this number you will see your operator and network type.

Write down this information and email it to us at sales@networkexpertise.com. With this information we can suggest a solution to solve your problems with low signal strength.